What will happen on your visit

Your first visit is an opportunity meet Liz and tell her about your health, and for her to identify your pattern according to the principles of Chinese Medicine. This will clarify the aims of treatment, and ensure that the acupuncture is tailored to your individual needs.

Liz will ask you to tell her in your own words, and in confidence, how you are feeling and what you would like help with. She will ask some detailed questions, and look at your tongue and take your pulse, which are two of the traditional techniques used to identify the subtler aspects of your condition. It is also important that you tell Liz about current and previous illnesses and treatments you have had, as well as any medication and drugs that you are taking. Acupuncture is an excellent medicine as it can be carried out alongside many other treatments. Sometimes it can help when other approaches have failed, but similarly there are situations when people also need to see a doctor. It makes sense to let your GP know that you are having acupuncture.

Single-use sterile Acupuncture needles are gently inserted at carefully selected points, and are safely disposed of after each treatment. Liz combines acupuncture with associated techniques where appropriate. These are chosen according to your diagnosis, and with your agreement.

These can include:-

  • moxibustion (the use of a gentle warming herb used to stimulate some acupuncture points)
  • acupressure and meridian massage
  • cupping
  • ear acupuncture
  • electroacupuncture

The initial appointment usually includes the first of a course of treatment, and so you are advised to allow up to an hour and a quarter for this session. After this the treatments usually last around 40 minutes. It is best to have a light snack before attending the session, and if you can arrange to have a quiet restful time immediately after the treatment, this will also be beneficial.


People generally find that having acupuncture is a pleasant and relaxing experience, also allowing them time to step back from everyday life. Treatments are usually once or twice a week at first and the length of a course of treatment will vary from person to person, going at a speed in tune with their system. Only for the lucky few do symptoms disappear over night. Initially, people usually notice them starting to become less frequent or less severe. If acupuncture is working for you, you should be benefiting from a change within the first five treatments, although for many conditions more treatments will be required.

“Each treatment is different just as every person is unique.”

Acupuncture Clinic Fees

Liz gives free advice and information to help you decide whether to go ahead with treatment. Following this:-

Initial consultation and treatment  £55
Subsequent treatments  £50
Under 18’s
Initial consultation and treatment £45
Subsequent treatments  £40
* * *


Card and contactless payments accepted including Apple, Android and Google Pay

Limited reductions are available for those with a very low income. Please discuss with Liz.

A fee of £20 will be due for changes or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.


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